"Mark is great! He shows up on time and has a gentle approach when training. He explained everything he was doing and then had me try it out with my dog. My puppy Great Pyraneese is a handful but after 6 lessons with Mark he is much easier to manage. I highly recommend Mark to any dog owner."  - Nicole O.

"Mark was fantastic with Guinness! My pup had some patience and obedience issues. He had inconsistency with commands and overall tried to be the boss of the household. Mark and I worked with Guinness on sit, lay and stay mostly and we've made so much progress in just two sessions. Mark was patient, kind and got along with Guinness so well. I really look forward to working with him again."  - Maggie C. 

"Brooklyn Finest Dog Training helped me with my dog. I asked many training schools around the neighborhood and they didn't know how to advise me or help me with my dog. When I read Brooklyn Finest Dog training information I contacted them and i received a prompt answer via emails. Mark Bennett is an excellent trainer. He made a house consultation and assessed the dog issue after my working hours. Mark knew immediately how to create a technique to help my dog. I would recommend Brooklyn Finest dog training to anyone who is stuggling finding time to attend a dog training school or finding a dog trainer with experience."  - Maria P.

"It was Vannessa (Dawgs All Day) whom suggested I meet with Mark Bennett, a certified dog trainer whom could further help me get Tommy back to a somewhat normal life (without anxiety or someone else hurting him and also some extreme improvements in proper dog behavior and confidence). I quickly contacted Mark and began personal 1:1 sessions with Mark every week for an extended period of time. Mark and I first started off with training inside Dawgs All Day, thanks to Vanessa, where we learned about proper walking methods, commands, and other extremely useful tools that I had not yet acquired in my toolkit as mother of a tortured animal. I can remember distinctly that through any weather (cold, wind, rain, etc), Mark would tread through the streets with me and Tommy and use Brooklyn's environment as a physical learning center. It was, in fact, the outside world and streets of Brooklyn that posed the most threat to Tom and his worries. Through Buddhist-like patience, Mark worked with me week after week, slowly increasing Tommy's confidence and even my own as an official owner. Mark is more than a certified dog trainer. He specializes in dog AND owner training. This was something I had not quite thought about. Mark was clear that Tommy could only succeed with consistency on my end. What may seem like a very simple thought is not always as simple as it seems. Even though Tommy's situation was bleak and very rare, it is important to note that with Mark's help, Tommy is one of the most well behaved dogs I've ever met. It does not necessarily take an unfortunate situation like Tom's to require or need professional help for your pet. Through effective, quick, and consistent training, Mark can take any canine and correct bad behaviors (jumping onto people, excessive barking and nipping, etc). For all other dog owners out there, note that you do not need to have a large dog either to seek out help. Sometimes the smallest of dogs can cause neighborly disputes due to noise complaints, or unfortunate encounters at the dog parks when animals are unleashed. At, what now seems like zero cost, please consider this for your loved one. Its the best gift you can give to yourself and your canine. Also, note that there are more than millions of certified trainers out there. Based on personal experience, many of them either do not know what they are doing, or do not know how to train an animal based on its own personal needs. Mark is the only trainer I know that quickly modified our classes around Tom's specific and personal needs. The end result is a happy pit bull and a happy owner whom could never express in words how grateful they are for all of Mark's above and beyond work."   - Liza P

"Mark is a great dog trainer, but the thing I like best about him is he focuses on positive reinforcement- and it works. I know some trainers seem to invoke forceful submission in the animal, and I worked in veterinary medicine for 10 years and it was one of the things mentioned by vets that they do not like about trainers like Cesar Milan, etc. We adopted our pup at 4 months so he already had developed some funny quirks like fearfulness/aggression with some men, strangers etc and we have continually worked with Mark & our German Shepherd mixed pup to build confidence in both him and our handling. It can be easy to get frustrated during your dog's growing stages and development but Mark really helped with obedience, distracting the dog from anything that set him off, and regaining his focus. Our dog is now well behaved and we have seen great improvement, even if it is a work in progress! 
I would highly recommend Mark to anyone seeking an intelligent, patient and intuitive dog trainer in the North Brooklyn area."   - Michelle B.       Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Mark is awesome and has phenomenal touch with the animals. Wesley learned more here than he has in the three years he's been with us"  - Josh & Yasmeen,   Brooklyn, NY

"Mark has an intuitive understanding of dogs -- how they think and what motivates them -- combined with comprehensive and rigorous training. He is committed to rescue (all his dogs came from the street), and I was blessed to meet him and his family when they adopted a dog I had found as a stray but couldn't keep. He is patient and gentle, but consistant; and believes that every dog can be shown, through love and guidance, how to be good. If you're having difficulties with your dog, one conversation with Mark will reassure you that problems can be solved, issues handled, behaviors corrected. Your dog will love Mark. Everybody -- human, canine, feline; bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens -- does"   - Marie N of Brooklyn, NY

"Mark the trainer is amazing - he is helping us get our dog to where we want him to go.  It's an amazing resource for dog training and its also helping me become more confident as a future "parent" of a human being eventually."  - Ed D. of Brooklyn, NY

"Mark is a fantastic trainer and Delany made really huge improvements. His confidence skyrocketed and he's become really responsive & obedient. Thank you!"  - Niki and Josh from Brooklyn

"Mark is a great teacher. He made it easy to learn what to do to train Rosie and make it work at home. The classes broke things down in a way that was easy to master."   - Meredith C. of Brooklyn

"Came in unfocused, now can listen and follow. Mark cares about you and your dog, not just business."  - Chris C.  Williamsburg

"As our puppy started to be happy at home & adjust to life in the city she needed to learn not only manners, but how to interact calmly with people and dogs. She's adjusted beautifully with Mark's help & she can dog with the best of them."  - Cait M - Bushwick

"Mark clearly loves working with dogs and wants to help!"  - Marcus G. - Brooklyn, NY